Strand 8 inch fresnels
Mole 3 inch fresnels
Top hats
Color extenders

ETC Source Four Profile lighting fixtures
Lens tubes
90 degree lens tubes
Gobo holders
Atlman Econo Cyc lighting fixtures
L & E Nook flood lights

JTE par 16 lighting fixtures
Pre Wired "6 Bars"
Pro-can Par 20's
Par 36 pin spots
Pro-can Par 46's
Pro-can Par 56's
Thomas Par 64's
Dabmar Halide lighting fixtures

White lamps
Blue lamps
Purple lamps
Green lamps
Morpheus Color fader units

Par mounting plates
Profile mounting plates
Morpheus power supplies
Martin PAL lighting fixtures
Martin Mania Lights
HES Studio Color lighting fixtures
Gobo rotators
Chain Motors

CM half ton hoists
CM one ton hoists
Motion Labs 8 way hoist pendants
Motion Labs 4 way hoist pendant
Motion labs 24 way controller
Motion Labs 4 way distro
Motion Labs 8 way distro
Skjonberg 4 way hoist pendant
Skjonberg 4 way hoist distro
50ft hoist control cables
10ft hoist cables
25ft hoist cables
50ft hoist cables
75ft hoist cables
100ft hoist cables
125ft hoist cable
150ft hoist cable

ETC 48 way dimmer rack
ETC 24 way dimmer racks
ETC 12 way dimmer rack
24 way dimmer rack
NSI HP360 dimmer packs

Jands 408 Event console
ETC Expression console
ETC Insight console
NSI MC7524 console
NSI MC7516 console
NSI MC708 console
Lightronics TL504 console
Zero 88 Level 24 console
Truss Bases

JTE raised truss bases
Tomcat raised truss bases
Flat plate truss bases


4ft 12x12 truss sections
5ft 12x12 truss sections
8ft12x12 truss sections
10ft 12x12 truss sections
12x12 Truss corners
TMB 24ft circular truss
JTE 40ft circular truss

10ft x12inch ladder beams
5ft x 12inch ladder beams
9 inch ladder beam corners
10ft x 9 inch ladder beams
7ft x 9 inch ladder beams
8ft sections SPR truss
5ft 6in sections SPR truss
5ft 5in sections SPR truss
5ft 1in sections SPR truss
4ft 9in sections SPR truss
2ft 10in sections SPR truss
3 way SPR gates with lift points
3 way SPR gates

15" tower sleeve plates
15" header blocks
60 degree SPR gates
90 degree SPR support plates
60 degree SPR plates
120 degree SPR plates
SPR lifting points
4 inch spacers
5ft 15x15 truss sections
10ft 15x15 truss sections
10ft 12x12 Super truss sections
Angled Super truss to GP sections
10ft 20x20 truss sections
Super truss to GP adaptor plates
12x12 header blocks
12x12 hinge plates
12x12 HD hinge plates

Cheeseboros Short cheeseboro clamps
Tall cheeseboro clamps

5ft 3/8 rigging steels
10ft 3/8 rigging steels
20ft 3/8 rigging steels
Deck rigging chain
5/8 shackles
3/4 shackles
5/8 pear rings
3/4 pear rings
3ft. Gacflex slings
4ft. Gacflex slings
6ft. Gacflex slings
3ft Spansets
4ft Spansets
6ft Spansets
10ft Spansets
1ft 1/8" wire cables
5ft 1/8" wire cables
10ft 1/8" wire cables
Verlock wire cables
1/8 Quick links
1/4 shackles
3/8 shackles
1/2 shackles
7/16 shackles
Half coupler-eye bolt

30A hoist adaptors
M. Woodhead to F. Camlock adaptors
M. 30 to F. Woodhead adaptor
M. Woodhead to 2x30A
10ft 30A cable
25ft 30A cables
50ft 30A cables
75ft 30A cable
30A tail set
30A to Edison dog houses

Camlock to 3 30A distro
10ft 2OTT 5 wire camlock
25ft 2OTT 5 wire camlock
10ft 4 OTT 5 wire camlock
4OTT 5 wire Camlock tails
Camlock three'fers
Camlock two'fers
Camlock turn-arounds

Socapex Edison break-outs
Straight Socapex SPG break-outs Staggered Socapex SPG break-outs Socapex SPG break-in's
Socapex Edison break-in's
10ft Socapex cables
25ft Socapex cables
50ft Socapex cables
75ft Socapex cables
100ft Socapex cables
Socapex two'fers

2.5ft SPG cables
5ft SPG cables
7.5ft SPG cables
10ft SPG cables
15ft SPG cables
20ft SPG cables
25ft SPG cables
50ft SPG cables

SPG two'fers
SPG three'fers

M. SPG to 4 way Edison adaptors
M. SPG to Edison adaptors
M. Edison to SPG adaptors

1ft-25ft Edison cables
25ft Edison cables
50ft Edison cables
100ft Edison cables
25ft Edison flat cables
Edison cube taps
Edison power strips
Edison two'fers

Assorted length 3 pin XLR
5ft 4 pin XLR
10ft 4 pin XLR
25ft 4 pin XLR
30ft 4 pin XLR
5ft 5 pin XLR
10ft 5 pin XLR
15ft 5 pin XLR
20ft 5 pin XLR
25ft 5 pin XLR
50ft 5 pin XLR
75ft 5 pin XLR
Internally wired lamp bars
Dimmer mounting trays

4ft ali pipes
5ft ali pipes
6ft ali pipes
8ft ali pipes
9ft ali pipes
10ft ali pipes
11ft ali pipes
6ft threaded steel pipe
7ft steel pipe
10ft threaded steel pipe
50lb boom bases
Sand bags
Cases / Dollys

Rolling truss dollys
Rolling flight cases
Rolling light racks
Rolling work boxes

Millermatic 210 wire welder
Thermo Dynamics Cut Master 38
Anderson 50HP Phase Converter
Ryobi radial arm saw
Porter Cable 22" round head nail gun Bostitch air stapler gun
Bostitch air brad nailer gun
Firestorm recipracating saw
Boch Rotahammer
Nikota Multi purpose cutting tool
Chicago 9 inch angle grinder
B and D 4 inch palm sander
Master Mechanic jig saw
Skilsaw circular saw
B & D hand held belt sander
Dewalt 3/8 drill
Bosch 3814 abrasive cut off machine
Delta Shopmaster 12 inch drill press
Ridgid Table saw
Delta Shopmaster table belt and disk sander Cordless 3/8 circular saw
Delta portable planner
ProXone 20.4v cordless drill
27 gallon Coleman air compressor
2 gallon ProXone air compressor
Coleman Powermate 6750 generator
Wet Vac
Toro Super blower vac
Barracuda Super blower
Assorted hand tools
Forklift Hyster fork lift
Lemarche 3 phase forklift re-charger